Gerflor Vinyl Tile


Gerflor Vinyl Flooring is an environmentally conscious option we offer in our broad range of click Vinyl Planks. All Gerfloor products are made from 100% recycled materials, giving it strong durability and overall quality, all while keeping your peace of mind that you’re doing right by the planet!


We offer the Senso 40 and 55 line of Gerflor Vinyl Tile which is ideal for basements, bathrooms and 4 season homes since it is waterproof, slip resistant and is not greatly affected by temperature changes.

Senso 40
0.4mm wear layer
4.5mm thick
10 year residential warranty

Senso 55
0.55mm wear layer
5.0mm thick
10 year Residential Warranty

In Stock*:

Gotha Clear 40
Lava Light 40
Metal Board 40
Gotha Medium 40
Carmel 55

*Other colours Available for order.